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Spring 2003
Campion's Brag Newsletter
by the Students of Campion College

The second issue of Campion College's newsletter.


April 2003
From Protest School to Campus: San Francisco’s Campion College
National Catholic Register
by Tim Drake

The University of San Francisco might argue about how its nextdoor neighbor, Campion College, came into being, but there’s one thing it can’t argue about: Campion’s student-teacher ratio. Fresh into its second semester, with 25 students and 13 faculty members Campion can boast of having the best student-teacher ratio of any Catholic College in the country.


December 2002
Campion College Hits the Ground Running
New Oxford Review

If we do say so ourselves, we found Michael Torre's NOR article (Oct.) about the fall of the St. Ignatius Institute at the University of San Francisco and the birth of Campion College most fascinating. The new Campion College of San Francisco was organized very quickly and is now in its first year of existence. How, we wondered, is it doing?


Fall 2002
Campion's Brag Newsletter
by the Students of Campion College

Dear Students, Parents, Friends and the Just Plain Curious, This issue marks the maiden voyage of not only Campion College but also this largely student-written newsletter— Campion’s Brag. The title is lifted from St. Edmund Campion’s own booklet written as a defense of the Catholic Church, an effort he continued verbally right up to this execution on the scaffold.


April 22th, 2002
Donation News

The Louise Davies Foundation has donated $25,000 to Campion College.


March 20th, 2002
National Catholic Register - Founder Barred at San Francisco College
by Tim Drake

SAN FRANCISCO - Just two weeks following the announcement by Ignatius Press of the creation of Campion College, Jesuit Father Joseph Fessio has been barred from having any role with the college. The Provincial of the Society of Jesus has reassigned him to be assistant chaplain for a hospital nearly 400 miles away.


March 13th, 2002
National Review Online - Firing Fessio
by Stanley Kurtz

A long-running battle over the fate of the Saint Ignatius Institute, a small but influential great-books program at the University of San Francisco, is rapidly turning into a test of the survivability of traditional Catholicism in America — and of the admissibility of traditional religious belief to the academy.


March 13th, 2002
The American Prowler - Jesuits Implode
by George Neumayr

The office for the Jesuit Province in California confirmed to TAP that Joseph Fessio, the prolific San Francisco Jesuit publisher of orthodox books and publications, has been ordered to leave San Francisco for a new assignment, effective in May, at an obscure Catholic hospital in Duarte, California. Fessio's banishment coincides with his recent announcement to start a traditional Catholic school called Campion College next door to the openly dissenting Jesuit University of San Francisco, a school which in recent years has advertised such pagan oddities as a "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Student Alliance."


March 11th, 2002
In University's Shadow, School Opens in Protest
by Tim Drake

SAN FRANCISCO - The controversy that rocked the University of San Francisco's St. Ignatius Institute last year took a new turn Feb. 28. That's when Ignatius Press announced the founding of Campion College - a new Catholic college in the mold of the former St. Ignatius Institute.


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